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CD/DVD Mailer Printing Services USA

Grabbing your clients’ attention for the first time around can some times be a daunting work. This is mainly true when sending direct mail advertisement. Most of your customer base will have built up a tolerance to the standard direct mail tricks used at the present time. This is why its of up most importance to create more punch for your promoting Dollar - cutting down on price here will save money in the short term, but will have much bigger reverse affects in the long run for a business.

Next time you are setting down to plan your next direct mail advertisement you should maybe consider mailing CD's & DVD's with your marketing message not just on the disc, but actually printed on the inside and outside of the envelope mailer itself. Studies have shown that this technique can improve customer engagement by 65% over standard printed paper marketing materials of high quality.

The CD mailer is generally available in the standard 12 centimeter CD format and also the mini 80mm. This offers you two choices depending on the virtual and the physical size of your marketing message.

The CD mailer is usually useful when sending out; shareholder updates, training, software, video, audio messages, training, life coaching, taster products, software updates, and lots of other software applications.

The main thing that clients have in mind when using the CD mailers is the exceptionally high perceived value. They look entirely stunning. Each and every panel can be printed in full color along with the CD itself and also, a A4 letter can be added in the rear part of the mailer for an extra marketing bite.

To make life easier, most of the firms that sell the mailers also offer a complete service mailing solution for a business. This means they take the product from your idea and create the final product, add the address labels (or print the address directly on the front) and then send them out using the discount bulk price available to bulk mailing customers. This printing service saves you a great deal of time, effort and money, not to mention warehousing space and staff expenses.

The general CD mailer configuration contains a folded back panel, with a flap that folds over the front of the back panel and then seals the mailer closed with a self adhesive strip. This creators the CD mailer very less weight and extremely easy to use and assemble at low price. It also provides the room for the A4 letter behind the CD and allows for a continuous print pattern over every visible area of the mailer.

They are generally known as printed card mailers or custom printed CD/DVD mailers. The mailers are printed using a technique called as screen printing. Screen printing a very versatile method of printing because the surface does not have to be printed under pressure like litho printing, giving an absolute finish to the mailer.

There are a lot of good configurations available in the market with CD mailers in regards to the effects you can have. For instance, you can choose for a spot gloss effect, this is a space that is printed with just a clear gloss to improve that area of print, this might be the call to action (link of website url or phone number) or the logo. It really do that area shine. Metallic foil is also a choice, you can select to have one of your colors a metallic foil, often available in silver, metallic blue, silver, gold red and various other metallic colors. There is also the choice for embossing, this is where an area of the mailer is raised by around 1mm above the rest of the mailer space, meaning you can feel the outline of the embossed part.

Of course, there are for pantone color matching so you can be 100% assured that the colors you need are the colors you get. This is essential to keep your branding consistent.

The mailers are post approved for the lower rate of postage, in the UK they fall under the standard letter category, and are AUS post approved for bulk sorting for our Australian users. This in its self can save thousands on a large run compared to mailing CDs out in jiffy bags for example.

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